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Gerhard Walther – Tracks

Here you'll find all tracks from Gerhard Walther.

Gisikon-Root – Luzern Gisikon-Root – Luzern
Stretch of Way 16.8 km
Demand 77%
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Sempach – Rothenburg Dorf (Kanton Luzern) Sempach – Rothenburg Dorf (Kanton Luzern)
Stretch of Way 8.1 km
Demand 28%
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Gerhard Walther – Statistic

own tracksothers trackssum
average length13.9 km0.0 km13.9 km
average demand52%0%52%
number of tracks186 pc.0 pc.186 pc.
length of all tracks2580 km0 km2580 km


Yearly Evaluation

average length13.8 km13.3 km14.4 km13.6 km
average demand54%50%55%47%
number of tracks40 pc.48 pc.33 pc.20 pc.
length of all tracks552 km638 km476 km273 km

Gerhard Walther – About

Do you prefer an apple or chocolate in your backpack?
On my tours I always carry with me...
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Traufgang Felsenmeersteig („Kurzvariante“)Traufgang Felsenmeersteig („Kurzvariante“)
Stretch of Way10.8 km
Schönbuch: Kirnbachtal & OlgahainSchönbuch: Kirnbachtal & Olgahain
Stretch of Way10.4 km
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