Hint: This website will be shut down end of april 2018. Therefore it isn't possible to upload new tracks.
GPX tracks to hike


This portal is explicit for the friends of hiking. With the GPX files here you can copy hiking suggestions from others onto your GPS handheld and wander them. The toilsome guessing of the right way is omitted as well as composing a route at home.

Inverse you can put your tracks to others disposal. Therefore just upload your GPX file, which any GPS handheld should be able to create. You will receive an email with a link, with which you will be able to add further informations to your track (only if you want to).

But there won't be a user account created – nothing is hidden behind a login or linked with costs.

What is a "GPX" file?

GPX is the usual file format for routs and tours on GPS handhelds. Such a file stores position data in longitudes and latitudes, and often with height above sealevel and timestamps. So several waypoints are describing a track. But portal only processes longitutes, latitudes and the height above sealevel – anything else of your track will be ignored, cause it concerns noone.

Before uploading a file it is suggested to remaster the track with a tool like QLandkarte GT or GpsPrune – finally not every waypoint matters...


This project is is free of charge, and so it will remain. At the moment this project is privately financed and supported; Longterm there should be sponsors resp. advertising and/or donations. But your private data, like f.e. your mailadddress, will never be given away to third parties or for promotion purposes.

About the Track Details

Recorded gps data aren't absolute – they partly contain formidable failings (which this site tries to detect). Additionally there is the human factor: One person f.e. removes before uploading a track the way to the toiletts, while another one uploades the file as is. So here are some notes to interpret some of the details of a tracks:

Mühlhausen – Wahlwies (Hegau)Mühlhausen – Wahlwies (Hegau)
Stretch of Way21.0 km
Willmandingen: Riedernberg & BolbergWillmandingen: Riedernberg & Bolberg
Stretch of Way10.8 km
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