closeGPX tracks to hike

Here you'll find GPX tracks to hike – and you can put your tracks to others disposal. GPX is the usual file format saving and reading tours on GPS handhelds. ...more

Track Upload

Here you can easily make your recorded tracks available for others. At this your track will be reduced to its essentials.

GPX File

A valid upload will be saved in our database. You'll get an email with a link, with which you also will be able to edit your record again. Your track will be published by an moderator after this "double opt-in" procedure.

Upload Requirements

  1. GPX file format, maximum 1MB
  2. includes timestamps and a elevation profile
  3. only one track inside the GPX file
  4. stretch of way between 200 m and 43 km
  5. fits on a card with 35×44 km
  6. at least 70 way points
Marina d' Alberese/ToscanaMarina d' Alberese/Toscana
Stretch of Way5.5 km
Escholzmatt — Entlebuch (Emmenuferweg)Escholzmatt — Entlebuch (Emmenuferweg)
Stretch of Way15.7 km
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